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Outdoor Ceiling Fans- What You Need to Know

There’s no better way to spend warm summer days or nights than on your back porch with a cold beverage in hand – but what would make these carefree summer days even better? A cool breeze fanning your face. We’re talking outdoor ceiling fans.

Not only are outdoor fans ideal for keeping porches and patios cool, but they also add an element of style to your outdoor space. Whether you’re trying to keep your back patio cool as you grill in the heat, or give incoming guests a nice breeze as they knock on your front door, adding a ceiling fan will double in functionality and tie your space together.

Know What You’re Looking for in Outdoor Ceiling Fans 

When it comes to an outdoor ceiling fan, there are a few components to be mindful of – what it means to be wet-rated, whether the finish is able to withstand harsh weather conditions, the variation in blade speeds, and of course, the aesthetic. Here, we want to break it down and help you choose one of the best outdoor ceiling fans for your space.

Is the Fan Wet-Rated?

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There’s an important difference between indoor and outdoor ceiling fans – that being whether they’re waterproof or not. While they may look alike, indoor and outdoor ceiling fans aren’t simply interchangeable. All ceiling fans have “ratings” based on their intended location. If they’re dry-rated, they should always be placed indoors, and if wet- or damp-rated, these ceiling fans can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It’s essential to look for outdoor ceiling fans that are wet rated because they’re able to withstand harsh weather conditions. If a fan is wet-rated, it can handle ice, snow, severe rain, and ocean spray (if you live near a beach). We recommend using a wet-rated ceiling fan on your exposed deck, veranda, gazebo, or pergola – all of which will look nice with the added accessory. Check out one of our favorite wet-rated fans here

Choose a Finish that Also Withstands Harsh Weather Conditions

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For safety reasons, it’s obviously imperative you choose a wet-rated ceiling fan, but you also want to focus on choosing a finish that can hold its own. Whether you’re browsing for large outdoor ceiling fans or small outdoor ceiling fans, don’t let your money slip down the drain by landing a finish that gets ruined after one rainstorm. We want you to find your dream ceiling fan designed to last. 

We recommend choosing a model built with highly tempered, resilient steel paired with durable wood that’s been stained and treated to withstand weather elements. Take this wet location rated ceiling fan for example; it’s designed for both indoors and outdoors with a finish guaranteed to last.

How Does it Look in Your Intended Space?

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Let’s not forget the overall look! You’ve worked hard to give your backyard patio or front porch a calming feel and charming look, so don’t forget to choose an outdoor ceiling fan that speaks to your style. 

If you live in a tropical climate, perhaps you’re after the “palm leaf” blade look. If your backyard pad is modern and sleek, you can easily find minimally striking ceiling fans. Or, if you’re a traditionalist, you can find the best outdoor ceiling fans to pair with that old-timey feel of sipping an iced tea with your loved ones on the front porch. As long as your outdoor ceiling fan is wet-rated, the stylistic possibilities are endless. 

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