Before and After: 10 Stunning Bathroom Remodels That Will Inspire You

Whether you’re anticipating an upcoming bathroom remodel or simply brainstorming for a future day, this collection of bathroom remodels is sure to inspire! Below you’ll find bathrooms of all sizes, styles, and layouts. Some undergo a professional transformation while others are budget-friendly and DIY. Let the remodels begin! 1. Green to Pristine This bathroom remodel […]

7 Secrets to Successful Home Decor

It’s no secret—home décor is more than just a mode of self-expression. It’s also an influential part of your every-day environment that also affects your mood, productivity, ability to focus and so much more. Stay true to your taste while staying in style, using these tried-and-true design principles. 1. Unity Aim for complimentary tones, colors, […]


The inglenook is a cute name with a charming history.  It literally means “chimney corner” and began as a wooden seat built into the space on either side of the wide fireplaces common in 17th-century English houses and cottages. Over time, the concept evolved to it’s own room near a fireplace room right off the […]

Everything You Need to Know About DIY Track Lighting

Track lighting can be a wonderful addition to your home. These stylish, functional pieces have limitless uses, including: Directional task lighting Over-the-table or kitchen island lighting Artwork spotlight lighting Over-the-mantle lighting Eye-catching general lighting Designers have traditionally used track lighting in narrow hallways or to highlight art on the wall in studies, but because of […]