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Questions? Contact Rourke today!

We Attract Clients To Your Showroom by Elevating Your Online Presence

Let Lit Living’s Automated Marketing Services Go To Work For You

Take the stress out of wondering where your next blog article or Instagram post will come from. We have the content and the know-how to ensure your audience will see a steady stream of branded messaging from your business.

Lit Living eliminates the uncertainty when it comes to establishing an authentic, sustainable online presence.

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Complete and accurate Google My Business Profile

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Professionally written and designed social media posts


Articles published to your blog from our content library


Weekly cost-per-click Google and/or Facebook advertisements


Responsive front-end web pages that function great and look great


Consistent social media posts, blog posts and other content

Hundreds Of Showrooms Are Already Benefitting From Lit Living

Our clients span the continent and many have been with us for years. Our low-cost, low-risk, high-impact online marketing tactics continue to deliver results month after month. Contact us and we will share with you how we can measure the impact and the success stories.

Showrooms Working Together Make Marketing Affordable

Now that hundreds of showrooms are working together collectively, the cost of marketing content is now a fraction of the price of going it on your own. With a low-cost monthly subscription, you’ll have access to tens of thousands of dollars of content to drive prospects into your showroom.

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You Can’t Afford to Leave Your Online Brand Unchecked. Don’t Let the Competition Win!

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Over the last 12 months, did you consistently post to your showroom’s Facebook and Instagram accounts?


Do you maintain a blog? How many well-written, industry relevant, keyword-rich articles do you publish every two weeks?


Do you get real, measurable value from the money you spend on social media management and digital marketing?

Online marketing isn’t easy or simple. Its a time-consuming, budget restrictive task where the savvy survive. If you fail to consistently post quality content online, competitors who do so will outrank you. Google lighting showrooms near me. Are you satisfied with your ranking? If you answered “no”, this is where Lit Living can elevate your online presence as you attend to your daily business operations. We work in the background, every week, while you do what you do best.

Turn Your Online Presence Into Revenue With Lit Living

Get the information you need to help your business rank higher and achieve more sales.

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Lighting Expertise

Lit Living relies on real people – experts in the lighting industry who understand the language and know how to connect with prospective customers.

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Quantitative Results

We’re happy to show you how Lit Living has affected real clients, just like you. Our results are authentic, measurable, and accessible.

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Affordable Solutions

Existing XOLogic customers are eligible for unpublished pricing. Lit Living’s month-to-month plan is a high-value, low-maintenance, low-risk solution.