Trending: Mix it Up with Minimalist Lighting

Some interior design trends come and go so quickly that it’s hard to understand how they were ever popular (we’re looking at you, 1970s orange shag carpet). Fortunately, some trends have a little bit more staying power. Minimalism is a timeless design trend that we just can’t stop coming back to. It’s all about doing […]

Bathroom Lighting Buying Guide

Morning routine matters. Plenty of health experts have shared their research and expertise on the topic, and it’s about time we shared ours. We are staffed with people just like you—people who sometimes wake up late and stumble out the door, who wish they had more time for the gym, who care about doing their […]

7 Lighting Hacks to Boost Your Business

Is your workspace working for you? Studies have demonstrated that the way you light your business affects everything from how customers perceive your brand to your mood and even employee productivity. Get lighting right and take your business to the next level! Here, we’ll cover seven lighting tricks to add that ‘it’ factor to your […]