Choosing the Perfect Ceiling Fan

When carefully chosen, a unique ceiling fan will add to your home’s beauty, value, and ultimately save you money. Whether you are shopping for your first fan or you’re updating an old-fashioned relic, the process can be enough to make anyone’s head spin. Fans should be functional as well as attractive, but it’s easy to […]

Ceiling Fan Debate: AC vs DC Motors

Looking for a cheap way to keep yourself cool this summer? We can’t vouch for that blowup pool in the backyard, but we do know that ceiling fans are a great way to bring down your body temperature without hurting your utility bill. There are plenty of ways to select a fan—its look, size, style, […]

Bathroom Lighting Buying Guide

Morning routine matters. Plenty of health experts have shared their research and expertise on the topic, and it’s about time we shared ours. We are staffed with people just like you—people who sometimes wake up late and stumble out the door, who wish they had more time for the gym, who care about doing their […]