Ceiling Fan Debate: AC vs DC Motors

Looking for a cheap way to keep yourself cool this summer? We can’t vouch for that blowup pool in the backyard, but we do know that ceiling fans are a great way to bring down your body temperature without hurting your utility bill. There are plenty of ways to select a fan—its look, size, style, […]

Before and After: 10 Stunning Bathroom Remodels That Will Inspire You

Whether you’re anticipating an upcoming bathroom remodel or simply brainstorming for a future day, this collection of bathroom remodels is sure to inspire! Below you’ll find bathrooms of all sizes, styles, and layouts. Some undergo a professional transformation while others are budget-friendly and DIY. Let the remodels begin! 1. Green to Pristine This bathroom remodel […]

6 Amazing Uses for LED Strip Lights

Good lighting is about so much more than just light bulbs and switches. When it’s done right, lighting can transform any space, increase the value of any real estate, and even fuel your soul and energize your body. It’s a proven fact that using the right lighting can dramatically change your physical and mental well-being. […]