Living Room Lighting and Interior Design: A Style Guide

When your living room needs an update, it’s easy to look to the obvious like replacing your couch or painting your walls. While these things are definitely important, don’t make the mistake of skipping one of the most crucial design elements in a space – your lighting! 

Lighting can completely change the way a room looks and feels, and it affects how we interact with our spaces either for the better or the worse. For your redesign to really pull together, you need to make a plan for your lighting. Find ways to create “layers of light” with a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting. Tailoring your lighting to the way you use your space will make your living one of your favorite places in your home.

Living room light fixtures come in a huge variety of styles and finishes, so no matter the style you’re going for, there’s a light fixture that will suit your space! To help you bring a new life to your living room, we put together this style guide for you with some stunning light fixtures in beautiful living rooms that are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

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Photo by: Capital Lighting

Country Chic

Rustic rooms make the most out of simplicity and carry a certain quaint charm. It’s easy to make a room that already has a lot of wood details in it feel rustic, but if your space is lacking lumber, you can add it with your furnishings and fixtures! If you’re looking for a touch of that Country Chic vibe, look for fixtures made with natural materials like wood or iron, and stick to neutral colors on the shades. 

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Photo by: Golden Lighting

Contemporary Cool

If antlers are really not your thing and you prefer your living room to feel modern and minimalist, look into contemporary light fixtures. The best way to get that contemporary vibe is with fixtures that are sleek and glossy, and composed of simple, clean lines. Geometric chandeliers and angular lamps mesh with a modern, contemporary style perfectly. Stick with neutral colors like black and white, then add some shine with metallic accents.

Photo by: Kichler Lighting

Eternally Classic

Sometimes you can make a space feel new by adding pieces that have been around forever. A beautiful piece of heirloom furniture is timeless and classic, like a little black dress or a bold red lip. Traditional lighting staples like an elegant, romantic chandelier will never go out of style! Want something smaller, but still eye catching? An antique lamp hand-picked from a flea market or inherited from grandma will help your living room tell a story that means something to you. Time-proven pieces blend well into many décor styles, and they give your space a richness in design and history that you just can’t replicate. 

Photo by: Kichler Lighting

Beachy Brilliance

If you long for the sound of crashing waves and the feeling of sand beneath your toes, then you already know how the color palette of the sea is cool, calm, and relaxing. Bring that feeling home with you by going nautical with your living room décor. Decorate with coastal colors like whites, blues, and sandy tans, and find pieces and natural wood tones. A ceiling fan is a great overhead fixture that doubles as your own personal man-made sea breeze. Stick with neutral colors and natural materials for your light fixtures. Add a little visual interest with an unexpected material, like the gold trim on these pendant lights that’s a nod to the industrial lights on the wharf, or a statement chandelier made from natural materials like jute or glass.

Photo by: Corbett Lighting

Hollywood Glamour

You don’t need to be an A-list celeb to have a swanky living room! Make your space feel extra luxurious with silver, gold, or crystal accents. Be bold and add a gorgeous focal point that’ll wow your guests, like a sparkling chandelier that draws the eyes up and catches every shred of light. If an oversized chandelier won’t work in your living room, look for smaller overhead pieces with glitzy details and luxe lamps that will elevate your design and bring your living room to the next level. Hollywood Glamour is all about the bling, so don’t hold back! Find fixtures with reflective surfaces that will catch the light. Go big on statement pieces, and show off every inch of your space!

Photo by: Troy Lighting

Artistic Flair

You have a creative spirit – why not apply your artistic vision to your home? Style your living room with unique, funky, one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to you – and don’t leave out your lighting! You can find fixtures that have wild, one-of-a-kind shapes to suit any budget. Make a statement with sculpted lamp. Be bold with pops of bright color and fun textures. Your living room is the perfect canvas for you to make your house a home.

The sky’s the limit, so let your inner interior designer run wild and dream of the possibilities! When you’re ready to make your dreams a reality, make sure you use your lighting to take your living room redesign to the next level. Need help finding your perfect match? Visit our website to browse our options or call one of our locations for expert advice.