Break into Farmhouse Flair with Your Home Lighting

If the down-home charm of farmhouse style speaks to you, you’re not alone! It’s a trendy style with staying power, and now’s a great time to start adding farmhouse décor around any home. If you’re unsure how to start, however, switching out your light fixtures is the perfect starting point. There’s no repainting, rearranging wall hangings, or reupholstering involved- just a simple swap to get the look you want!

Here are some of our favorite ideas that add a touch of that Farmhouse Flair:

Electric Candles

Svetlana Lukienko/Shutterstock.com

Sure to add an atmospheric glow to any event, candlelight is one of the best ways to slip some farmhouse fashion into your home.  It’s rustic, reminiscent of simple times, and charming in all the right ways.

Rough, Unfinished Metals

Don’t be afraid to flaunt some rust and roughness in your metal décor. Whether it’s a functional light fixture that’s made to look aged and distressed or simply a decorative lighting piece like this lantern, aged metal is a farmhouse staple.

Rope or Twine Details

Jordan Confino/Shutterstock.com

As a compliment to the fresh, finished pieces of your décor, try some unfinished twine-like lighting. The rope cords add excellent texture and depth, and the combined effect is a rustic, upscale farmhouse look fitted for any room.

Imitation Fencing or Caging


If you’re looking for just a small touch of farmhouse style, try a gentle nod to farmhouse with cage-like metal fixtures. They’re easily hung anywhere in your home, and they’re versatile enough to match with any kind of décor if you decide to redecorate later.

Bolts, Nails, and Screws


Imagine hand-constructed barrels, fencing, wagons, and more when you look at the quaint bolt details on this ceiling fan. Ultra-functional and fashionable, it’s great for any room in your home. Even better? Try it in an outdoor, covered area- just make sure the fixture is damp-area rated!

Bleached or Faded Wood

Almost nothing says “farmhouse” more than bleached, faded, or distressed wood. This fixture is simple and unassuming, but adds some textured dimension to the space. Add that to the rich green hues on the walls and linens… we love the look!

Mixed Material Fixtures

Chris Haver/Shutterstock.com

Metals, fabrics, chains, woods, and more… Farmhouse is a fresh take on an old-fashioned look, and it really shines in fixtures that use various materials to bring old and new worlds together.

Old-Fashioned Bulbs

With the right bulb in place, simple fixtures are automatically transformed into something quaint. Those old-style bulbs are comforting, familiar, and full of farmhouse flavor. Best of all? You can add them to an existing fixture for an extra simple update!

Do you like what you see? Props to farmhouse décor for serving up some beautiful details that are ready to brighten your home. Contact us at Lit Living for more information about farmhouse-friendly lighting or any other home lighting needs!