How to Bring Natural Light Into Your Home

Take a quick look around your room.

Is it dark and dismal or bright and cheerful?

The amount of natural light you have in your home affects how you feel throughout the day and has a huge impact on your overall well-being. So it’s important to make an effort to let as much light in as possible.

Before you start knocking down walls or buying new furniture, find the source of the darkness. Is it coming from a lack of windows? Bad furniture placement? Or is your decor to blame?

Here, we take a look at some ways to bring natural light into your home. Whether you’re looking for a minor change in interior design or a complete revamp, read on to learn how to bring natural light into your space.


Obviously, a house needs walls to remain structured and provide protection. After all, If it had no walls and ceiling, it wouldn’t be a house!

The solution to the lack of light in your home may just be in opening more doors and windows during the day. As the sunlight moves throughout the day, you can open blinds and windows on the shady side and close the blinds and windows that might be letting in too much sunlight and making your home feel too hot.

Opening your windows may seem unnecessary when you can simply open your blinds instead, but opening windows invites fresh, clean air and helps you feel hygge during the day.

It helps to have a mesh screen at your door and windows to prevent insects from getting inside. If you’d rather keep all blinds and/or windows open throughout the day, be sure your blinds/curtains are light-colored so they can let in diffused light and keep your space cool.

The key to getting a brighter home may be much more extensive than you thought.

It’s often cheaper to put together the materials needed for a wall and simply slap it together. However, taking the time (and money) to install openings in your walls can really pay off.

If your home is dark because of a lack of windows, you may have a big project on your hands.

Yes, we’re talking about adding more windows!

Making permanent changes to your walls and ceiling can be a scary thought, but the result is a brighter home and a much happier you!

To really take advantage of the light, you’ll want to add bigger windows and sliding doors that fill the height of the wall. With large windows and tall sliding doors, not only will you let much more light in, but you will also feel more connected to the outdoors as you step from your interior to exterior space and still have them feel as one.

You’ll feel more hygge as you allow this happy connection with nature.

As you know, replacing your walls with windows and doors can supply you with a healthy dose of the sun’s rays.

But what’s even better than sunshine all around you? Getting sunshine from above!

Pro tip: Installing a skylight in your ceiling will give your home a decorative edge and let natural light in from the most natural direction.

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If your home isn’t lacking in windows, but still feels a little drab, your decor might be the culprit.

As you begin looking for things to upgrade, start high up and work your way down the room. For example, are there shinier overhead lighting fixtures that would reflect light and also match the look of the room? Are the tables, chairs, and other furniture in that room absorbing too much light? Could your hardwood floors be the issue?

The idea is to find things that can be switched out for glossier alternatives. This goes for your dining room table, your kitchen/bathroom backsplash and flooring, and even the paint on the walls.

The rule is simple: the glossier the finish, the higher the reflection.

But simply painting with a glossy finish won’t do alone. Glossy dark paint is about as reflective as a matte light one.

Cover your walls in light colors and glossy finishes for optimum reflection. If plain white walls aren’t your style, an off-white or very light color will suffice.

Be careful to not compromise your design for glossy finishes. If an upgrade doesn’t match the space, it can make the entire room look tacky.

Finally, the best way to reflect the natural light in your home is by incorporating the most reflective surface—mirrors!

Add large mirrors to the walls for a little personality and A LOT of reflection.

Pro tip: Hang mirrors on the walls opposite windows for maximum lighting!

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This might sound a little counterintuitive, but some lights can actually help bring more artificial “natural” light into your home.

Of course, having sunlight from your window is always the best way to go, but there are ways to make do when the weather isn’t so forgiving.

The goal is to have the lighting in your home mimic the sun’s natural cycle. This helps your body adjust to light and keeps you in a happy, cozy mood all day long.

This practice is common in Denmark, where the idea of hygge is very widespread. Hygge refers to the quality of warmth and comfort that comes from anything that makes you feel cozy and happy.

This Danish practice often involves using light at lower placement (candles are a great way to do this) in the morning and evening and brighter overhead lights during the day. Using cooler or warmer lights as appropriate can also help you feel hygge.

Pro tip: Opt for efficient LED lighting if you plan to use artificial lighting during the day.

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Now that you know how to bring more natural light into your home, you can start making plans to upgrade your space. Although some of these tips will require professional assistance, you can brighten your home with a few DIY projects as well. As you spend time in a brighter, happier space, your health, happiness, and overall well-being will improve.

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