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How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Home

Some of the most overlooked fixtures in the home, ceiling fans have more than just aesthetic value. Of course, they can beautify your home with personality and pizzazz, but they also have a practical use.

Ceiling fans help promote air circulation and improve air quality. But heading to a big box store and grabbing the first one you see won’t do. To find the right one for you, three things must be carefully considered.

Here’s what you should look for when buying a ceiling fan for your home:

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#1: Blade Pitch

Blade pitch refers to how steep the blades are when attached to the fan motor. Since every degree in alignment affects how much air is moved, it’s important to find the“ample pitch”. For example, a fan with a 14-degree blade pitch pushes about 80 percent more air than a fan with a 10-degree blade pitch.

Most stores only offer fans with a lower blade pitch, so consumers have to use a lot more power to get the fan to work the way they want. Not only is this very inefficient and uses much more energy than necessary, it also causes fans to burn out after just a few years and require a costly replacement.

At our showroom, we feature fans with a blade pitch between 12 degrees  and 18 degrees. This optimal range for quality ceiling fans ensures the fan will run at a low speed with silent operation.

Plus, you won’t need to go looking for a replacement for many, many years. What’s even better? We offer a lifetime warranty on many of our ceiling fans so you can enjoy the benefits of proper air circulation for years to come.

#2: Energy Star Rating

Look for Energy Star-rated ceiling fans. Energy Star fans are guaranteed to last longer and save you money. When you see this logo, you know the fan is made with durable and reliable parts, and will also work efficiently in your home.

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#3: Airflow Direction

Ceiling fans can be set to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. Why is this? It all has to do with the season. Yes, the time of year actually affects the airflow needs of a room!

If you set your fan counterclockwise, the air will be pushed directly downward. This setting is best suited for summertime when the downward airflow will give a nice, cooling breeze that reaches the whole room. If your fan has a higher blade pitch, you can even reduce the “feel” temperature of the room by an entire 7 degrees!

However, during winter the hot air rises to the ceiling. Set your fan clockwise during colder months, and it will push the air off the ceiling and out to bounce it off the walls to create a warmer feel that fills the entire room.

Now that you know how to choose the right ceiling fan, you will be able to enjoy a unique sense of hygge that is far too often overlooked.

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