A beautiful rustic style home with natural woods and earth tones

Rustic Ceiling Fans: A Brief Guide

You may have heard something about rustic style, but what does that really mean? For starters, let’s not confuse rustic with vintage or shabby chic. We’ll leave those for another day. Just know that rustic swims in a lane of its own. The style tends to focus on a farmhouse/countryside look, while using outdoor elements and natural textures. You’ll see a lot of earth tones, leaves, wicker, linen, burlap, and unfinished wood in a rustic style home. 

To give your space a rustic vibe, you’ll want all the rock, exposed wood, mason jars and chalkboard signs your DIY heart can handle, but you’ll also need some functional pieces that fit within the theme. So, let’s talk rustic ceiling fans. 

Rustic Ceiling Fans to Spruce Up Your Space 

Finding the right ceiling fan might not seem like a big deal, but if it doesn’t follow the theme of the room, it can really detract from the rustic feel you’re going for. While you should create your space however you see fit, here are our top picks to give you some rustic ceiling fan inspo. 

Make Your Space Feel Carefree with Wicker Blades

A closeup view of rustic ceiling fan blades made of wicker mounted on a blue ceiling

If you want to stick to true rustic, consider what you want your rustic ceiling fan blades to be made from. While unfinished wood blades can fit the theme, we love the look of blades made from wicker/rattan. Additionally, this material plays well outside – so, whether you’re going for a rustic feel inside, or want to spruce up your front porch, a ceiling fan with wicker blades will act as a statement piece in any space. It will also tie the other natural textures and decorative items together nicely. 

Add Charm to a Room with Antlers

A dark wood lodge featuring a ceiling fan made from antlers

Here’s where more of a rugged, rustic look comes into play. Yes, we’re talking antler ceiling fans. Don’t be alarmed – this doesn’t mean you have to go catch your own decor (if you get what we mean). You can go with faux antler ceiling fans, too. Rustic ceiling fan blades made from antlers have become increasingly popular and on trend. The antlers provide a natural finish and jagged look that can really bring a room to life (literally), all while complementing other natural woods and finishes you’ve selected.

Care About Intricate Detailing

A dark wood rustic ceiling fan hanging from natural ceiling

If you’re more of a traditionalist and want to work with something familiar, there are plenty of rustic ceiling fans with lights, natural wood, intricate detailing, and carving. In choosing a rustic ceiling fan vs. modern, be sure to consider how the ends of the blades are carved, or notice if there’s a woodwork design. Those intricate – sometimes ornate – details are what sets a rustic ceiling fan apart from the rest. Avoid sharp lines and emphasize adornment if you’re truly going for the farmhouse/countryside feel.

Consider Repurposed Wood

A ceiling fan made from reclaimed wood and bronze hardware

Whether the material you’re working with is reclaimed barn wood or wine barrel scraps, choosing these textures will make for such an interesting space. If you can’t get your hands on actual reclaimed barn wood, you can still achieve the rustic look by picking out similar textures. Check out one of our favorite rustic industrial ceiling fans here, that will transport you to a French countryside – not bad, right? With its reclaimed wood finish, chestnut blades, and bronze hardware, we think this is the perfect piece for any rustic space.

Be Inspired and SAVE

If you’re stuck on how to make your space rustic, start with the ceiling fan. You never know how one piece will inspire you. To make your job a little easier, we have an irresistible deal on Lit Living ceiling fans! 

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