Black wood and wicker remote controlled ceiling fan mounted on thin white shiplap ceiling

Ready For An Upgrade – Try a Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan

Do you love the benefits you’ve received from your traditional ceiling fan, like increased air circulation or more cost savings per month– but feel ready for an upgrade? A remote controlled ceiling fan, just might do the trick in helping you reap all of the rewards one can offer.

When it comes to home design, a ceiling fan can be at the center of attention as many are now both functional and aesthetically compelling when compared to other lighting fixtures. You won’t have to trade beauty for function, as they are equally important in defining the design of your home. There are some great additional functional benefits to a ceiling fan with a remote.

The Benefits of Remote Controlled Ceiling Fans:

Convenience and Ease of Use

Though you may not know it, most ceiling fans can be adapted to work with a universal fan remote purchased after the fact. However, technology, designs, and engineering have now made it possible for most to come with their own unique ceiling fan remote control. Either way, having a remote to quickly change the speed, adjust the dimmer, or set a timer will make it easier to use. Don’t worry about fan pulls and pulling them one too many times any more. 

Gone are the days of getting up off of your couch or out of bed to flip the switch and turn off your fan. Just program or install a remote and fully control your lighting or fan fixture. With minimal effort, you will have one of the conveniences of living in the 21stCentury.

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Added Comfort

Ceiling fans can provide a bit of nostalgia, as your childhood home probably had one if not multiple fans. Making your home comfortable by installing a ceiling fan and connecting you to your roots, especially one with a remote, will add coziness and a sense of warmth.

Ceiling fans come equipped with a variety of features including a rotation switch, different speeds, sometimes attached lighting apparatuses, and can naturally cool or heat your home. 

Temperatures tend to fluctuate making it difficult to get comfortable. Having a ceiling fan can help circulate the air and leave it eight degrees cooler in the summer months. Later in the year, reverse the direction of the fan and it will pull the heat upward making the entire space feel cozier.

Not all houses have the same ceiling height, but lucky for you there are a variety of ceiling fan designs, sizes, and models – all providing the sole purpose of adding comfort to your everyday living situation. 

If your ceiling is less than nine feet, a flush mount ceiling fan might be best so guests or family members don’t bonk their heads as they enter the room. Another variegated style is a ceiling fan with light – a win-win situation. Both of these designs have the ability to be adapted to work with remote control. The number of blades on a ceiling fan does not have any significance but can influence your overall feel. Simply find a ceiling fan to best fit your home décor and comfort needs.

Traditional ceiling fan with wood blades, dome light, and pulls

Luxury or Necessity?

You might be thinking a remote control ceiling fan is for those who seek a luxurious lifestyle, but to be honest it can be a fixture for everyone. A ceiling fan could become helpful in a variety of situations, and even be a necessity.

  • Elderly People– The elderly to utilize their lighting fixtures and not risk falling. Getting up and moving around might create a risk for them, and this could help ease the difficulty. A ceiling fan remote control can also assist them in utilizing features they normally could not.
  • Task Lighting or Specialized Activities– Whether you are completing a specific task, chore, or activity around the house and want less air circulating instead of interrupting your focus by getting up and altering the fan speed, simply use a remote.
  • Young Children– If having a ceiling fan scares you because you have small ones who like to jump around and pull the fan pulls, altering the function and operation of the ceiling fan can minimize or remove the risk. 

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Adapt and Install

Upgrade your traditional ceiling fan and turn it into luxury accessory, by making it work through a remote control. Installation is simple and easy and you will be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner. Most universal fan remotes available on the market work with a variety of brands.

At Lit Living, we have lighting specialists available who can help you discover what fan will work best with your home décor, which remote control fan kit to purchase, or the perfect size of fan for your favorite room.

Although there are options to integrate the remote control of a ceiling fan with smart home technology via your hand-held device, we recommend sticking to a ceiling fan remote control. Having a separate remote just for your fan will allow you to control it without messing up the frequency of your other devices.

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